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Apr 29, 2002
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I bought the Mosaic yesterday but have a few questions.
How do you set it for an HS2, I assume you set up a VCR and teach each button?
I am having no joy with Denon 3802 does any one have codes or advice please?
I don't have the HS2, but here's what I did for my E50:

Go to the on-for-all web site and follow the instructions for a new code download (you have to register for this srvice but it is free). Download all the codes for Panasonic VCRs and DVDs.

Try all the new codes one after the other . If "Remote code 1" comes up on the Panasonic display, follow the instructions in the Panasonic manual for changing the unit to Remote 2 or Remote 3, then try the Mosaic again. It'll be a good idea to set your Panny remote to the same code, in case you need to fall back on the original remote for any reason. I found that once I'd changed to remote 2, one of the mosaic's downloaded DVD codes gave me most of the functions I needed, including Record. I only had to learn about two or three buttons.

Interestingly enough, for Kameleon owners, the Panny needs to be set to Remote 3 rather than 2.
Thanks for that, I think I will just teach it as I will be swapping device buttons to other screens then setting up various macros.
No prob. So long as you don't run out of memory for learned functions...
It's possible if you're thinking of teaching it all the buttons. I think with the Mosaic the memory is shared by learned keys and macros, so it's hard to put a number on how many you can have.

Don't worry though. Try it your way first; if you do run out of memory, it isn't difficult to do it the way I suggested. Upgrades just consist of downloading a .wav file, and holding the remote against the speaker while you play it back.
When I tried to access the download section on the site it said I didn't have Java or it is isn't active so I will have to phone them instead.

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