Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge Film Review & Comments

Tom Davies

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No spine rip?

Always preferred Eternal Champions anyway. When are they going to make a movie of that where a guy is beaten to death and then falls through three consecutive meat grinders?


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You what, this is GOOD? Well I never. Thanks Cas.

Casimir Harlow

Blu-ray Reviewer
You what, this is GOOD? Well I never. Thanks Cas.
Bloody good - watch the first 10 seconds of the Red Band Trailer (now attached to the review) to give you a taste. But don't watch it all, because it was a nice surprise (in fact, don't watch any if you're already sold).


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Sold on your intro alone :rotfl:


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Looks immense. Thanks for the heads up!


4K ultra violent bloody goodness, you say?
My son is all over this and although under 18, we'll be watching it. Does that make me a bad parent? Who cares. A nag-free popular one...
Edit. Now my daughter's in. Well, if they can handle The Evil Dead trilogy: cartoons schmartoons.
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Casimir Harlow

Blu-ray Reviewer
Or £9.99 to buy from Apple/iTunes... in 4K with DV.


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Watched this tonight-fantastic stuff.

Might even pick up the Blu-ray as well I enjoyed it that much.

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