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I work in the local secondary school and it is merging with another school to form a brand new secondary school. What i want to be able to do is produce a short film that starts with the two school badges on the screen at the same time and they merge together and form the new school badge. With the morphing programs i have seen so far they take one image and combine it with another to form a new image with bits from both original images visible. The proogram i am looking for must allow me to bring two images together mix them up and produce a new totally different image.

Does that make sense. Anybody got any bright ideas ??? :lease:

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CorelDraw can blend one object to another over a given number of steps. You could just put a number of images into frames and get the illusion of animation.
You can transform each old badge into the new badge and then place both "animations" on the same number of frames and overlay. I think.

EDIT: Just realised it transforms vector objects, not bitmaps which you probably have?

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