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heyhey all

this keeps on popping into my head every now and again, I keep on meaning to find out the truth but never get round to it. So I'll try now :)

I remember during the run of Radioheads Amnesiac album a US MTV news segment, in which they talked about a video for the Morning Bell song.

They showed a clip of the video. It was a computer generated (well looked like) of newborn siamese twins in somekind of Matrix-like mechanical machine. "Cut the kids in half" indeed :)

Anyways, thought it looked very cool and looked forward to seeing it, but nothing happened and didn't hear anything else about it ever again. It has since become one of those things that keeps on bugging me.

Was this one of their music videos that got scrapped? If so, the video did look pretty expensive and definetly one that should have been seen. Or was it related to some other project that their song was used for?

Does anyone have the story on this? so I can finally put my mind to rest after all these years :)


So nobody has any info on this?

Can anybody at least point me in a direction where i may be able to find out?


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try ateaseweb.com they know more about Radiohead than Radiohead do, I think the Morning Bell/Amnesiac has one the way of the 2+2=5 video though.
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