more who coming this sunday


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well monday really.

The who superbowl S mash up available immediately after the superbowl. Specifically recorded for rock band apparently. Cant find what songs it includes but hey its the who so ill be buying it:smashin:


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Who’s on Rock Band? More from The Who // The 'Zine // Rock Band®

The Who are one of THOSE bands. Those huge bands that make amazing music, influence generations, tour for years and continue to be relevant half a century after they originally formed. There aren't many of those bands.

Proof of their continued draw and appeal: the legendary British rockers are performing Sunday during the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show when the Indianapolis Colts take on the New Orleans Saints. Go sports! We're making the specially recorded "The Who Super Bowl S-mashup" available in the Rock Band Music Store immediately after the game ends. Want to know what songs? Well, you'll just have to wait and see!

"The Who Super Bowl S-mashup" joins 15 previously released tracks from The Who available in the Rock Band Music Library, including "Won't Get Fooled Again" featured on-disc for Rock Band, "Pinball Wizard" featured on-disc for Rock Band 2, as well as "Amazing Journey," "Baba O'Riley," "Behind Blue Eyes," "Eminence Front," "Going Mobile," "Leaving Here," "Magic Bus," "My Generation," "Real Good Looking Boy," "Sea and Sand," "Summertime Blues," "Who Are You" and "Young Man Blues," featured as downloadable content in the Rock Band Music Store.


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Thought The Who were fantastic at the Superbowl and put on a great show. Something slightly off during Pinball Wizard, but otherwise great, with lots of potential for RB, esp the drum solo near the end. Most impressive light show too.

Funny before seeing it I really wasn't that interested in them, but as a melody its hard to pass up, especially as it sounds like it will be quite cheap ($2, but who knows what that will end up being in UK MSP). Shame its not on the store yet, I assume this will be a worldwide release? Then again i couldn't play it at this time of night anyway ;)

Ok its up, well at least it is on the Canadian xbox site, where I was able to queue it to my xbox. 12 minutes long, 90mb and yet only 160 MSP!
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for anyone that missed it, it was an awesome show and well worth getting for 160MSP.

They started with pinball wizard then into baba o'reilly who are you and wont get fooled again. (i think so anyway, im not really with it having stayed up to watch the superbowl last night!!)


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So whats the download?

Studio tracks, re-recorded studio tracks, the songs live, or the actualy superbowl recording?

And what are the songs?

Its all quite confusing!

Cant go wrong for 160 points tho.


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well it certainly sounds better in the videos on rockband than it did live on the tv.
you can actually hear the instruments on RB whereas on tv all you could hear was the singing with faint guitar. and lets be honest, daltreys voice isnt up to much nowadays.


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Yeah, it sounded fine on Sky HD (Sky Sports that is) to me.

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