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I’m after a little advice if possible. I got into collecting vinyl a few years ago and initially it was about the actual vinyl and not the player. My set up was based on aesthetics only. I’m now after upgrading to a set up that’s focused more on the sound then the look.
My current set up
Pioneer PL15D TT
Pioneer sa-410 amp
Wharfdale Denton 2 speakers.
Ive also got a set of Ditton15’s and Ditton 33’s.
Im after selling that lot and have found a local dealer that does part x so I’m hoping it’ll go there.
Im torn between
RP1 plus TT
Denon PMA 600NE amp
Dali Spektor 1 speakers
This is the lower priced option but still a million times better then what I’ve been using. I’m tempted to start here and work up overtime as I become more knowledgeable about what’s available.
My other option is I think the next stage up from this setup.
RP2 TT/Pro-debut carbon evo
Rega IO
Elac debut 2.0 6.2/Dali Oberon speakers.
Apart from advice or suggestions about the individual components above I’m interested to know if folk think I’ll be able to notice the difference between the setups given that my previous set up was pretty poor sonically. As pretty much an absolute beginner should I start with the RP1 set up and work up or go straight to the RP2 set up? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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I'd say, get the best you can afford, otherwise you'll just end up thinking about what the better stuff might sound like and upgrading sooner than you need to.


You've omitted a very important component of your set up, your room. How big is it and how loud do you like to listen. You don't want an upgrade forced upon you because of lack of puff.

With your speculative options I don't think the Denon PMA 600 will suit the Dalis. I find Dalis a little too forward for my liking and the Denon is going to accentuate that somewhat. A Marantz pm6007 would be a better fit.

The Rega io is getting some rave reviews and I do like my Regas. The Brio will give you some more power, 50 watts against 30 watts into 8 ohms. You will also get more connectivity and a pretty good phono stage and benefits from a headphone jack.

The Dali Oberon would be a better fit with Rega than would the Denon. Better all round in fact. Both the io and the Brio would not be troubled by driving them. Rega amps are capable of partnering many different speakers as they are quite benign verging on warm. Great bass control as well.


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I’d go for the second set up if you possibly can.

The Rega is a finer amp then the Denon.

And the Spektors, whilst I’m sure are good budget speakers, the Oberons are altogether more grown up and worth the extra outlay especially as I’d guess you expect to have this set up for some time?
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Thanks for the replies.
The room is approximately 8mx5m with a chimney breast along one wall. I plan on having my set up one side of the chimney. I’m putting shelving above the TT and was gonna book end the speakers on this. Volume wise it’ll just be enough to fill the room. Nothing to loud. I’ll be looking at adding to my set up as I become more knowledgeable about what the options are. I’m thinking the RP2/IO/ Any thoughts on the Elac debut 2.0 6.2 speakers? The reviews I’ve read put them next to the oberons.


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I’ve seen the RP2/IO/oberons in a bundle deal for £1099. Any thoughts on that? Seems like a good deal to me.


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I’ve seen the RP2/IO/oberons in a bundle deal for £1099. Any thoughts on that? Seems like a good deal to me.
Would be a lovely system. Nothing but praise for Rega from me.

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