More stock at play just now.


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Play have just had some stock. I managed to order one finally! :D

I just hope it comes.

Its out of stock now, anyone else get one?

Edit: It says order out-standing, order taken. Is this right, as I have never ordered anything from play before.


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Hmm, I think something's broken. According to the search page it's in stock, according to the checkout it's out of stock... I'd place money on it being the second of those two options.


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outstanding order only means not complete, i ordered one earlier today when they were in stock and it says exactly the same, rang them up and they didnt know why they were on the site as in stock and told me not to expect it until the end of jan early feb as they are still doing pre orders from september


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Maybe that got loads in stock, enough for pre-orders and new customer or not. Its a guessing game, we will have to wait and see.


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Same here but more worringly is its gone from packing to processing. :confused:

I did ring them mid afternoon and they said yes they had more in stock and would despatch today. Although pinch of salt and all that. :rolleyes:

Come on Play you can do it :lease:


In the 360 hunt last year exactly same thing happened when new stock got added on. Notice that these stock-adds last about 1-3 mins. Not like TRU/Amazon which are 30mins-hrs. However i remember Play orders getting processed, just a bit later, not weeks, but a few days.


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Yeah, I just got the email that says they are processing it, hopefully it will come. Come on Play.

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