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Discussion in 'PS Vita Forum' started by chimpton, Jan 18, 2008.

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    running a fat psp with latest 3.80-4 custom firmware and i'm trying to remotely start my ps3 via the internet with no joy. remote play works fine either ad-hoc or via internet if the ps3 is on and waiting for remote access. if i'm in the same room and ad-hoc from psp to ps3 i can turn on the ps3 and achieve remote play.
    i've made sure all the check boxes are ticked in the network settings list.
    i've got bt broadband with a bt homehub and have forwarded all the relevant ports needed for the playstation network.
    only thing i can maybe see as what could be causing it is when i go to the access console in the homehub it doesn't show up my ps3, it calls it my lappy. i've checked the mac address and ip address and its deffo my ps3 connected but in the home hub its not named properly. could this be the problem and how would i rectify it?
    many thanks in advance

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