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I've read lots of posts about picture quality on MCE units and maybe its just the ones that I look at that have issues but it does seen picture quality is a big issue.

I'm running a Haupaugge NovaT-500 (Dual tuners) into a Samsung 32" LCD via VGA at ( if I can remeber correctly) 1368 x 768 (with Nvidia PureVideo) and whilst the picture is OK its just not as sharp as if I plug the £30 Freeview box in. So here I am with an expensive bit of kit that actually can't deliver a better picture than a 30 quid freeview box.

Its not that I don't like the concept of the MCE in fact I love it, I'm just finding it so frustratiing that I can't get the sharpness of a cheap freeview box and believe me I am really fiddler so I've tried tons of stuff to get the 'ultimate picture. If you've got any suggestions comments I'd love to here them



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some things to consider:
are you definitelly pixel mapped?
is your desktop sharp?
do other sources look good/better than TV (eg DVD)?
is purevideo being used by MCE (use the checkup utility)?
is you siganl strong (PC based receivers tend to be less sensitive than stand alone boxes)?
what is your video card and what drivers?


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