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Seems to be a good spec for a fairly good price but the graphics card could be better (ie the XT instead of the se). You could build your own machine with a higher spec (choosing your own components for optimum performance) for about the same money.
I'd read up on building your own system as it can be fun and there's more chance your able to fix something that goes wrong if you know a bit more about the system that's been built.
If you can't be arsed with that then I'd still have a look at alternative suppliers as Tiny's cs has been called into question previously.

You might benefit in waiting a while longer as a lot of next generation hardware will be out soon (graphics cards, motherboards etc) which will make current hardware components become even cheaper so you'll be able to save even more £'s or get an even better system for the same money.

Chris Muriel

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Tiny have a very poor reputation as far as customer service and support goes.

If you are considering them, I suggest you do a little Googling in Newsgroups and forums before parting with your cash.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.


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Originally posted by pinky3003
thanks hawklord...are there any sites anyone could recommend for build your own ?
I tend to get most of my components from www.overclockers.com they're not the cheapest but they offer the best products available at fairly good prices. It's best to buy from one source as you only have one retailer to approach should any problems with the build arise. There are cheaper places to buy from such as www.komplett.co.uk where there are bundles/upgrades available at very good prices. All you have to do is make sure all the components are compatable with one another before you buy.

Another place to try is www.savastore.com (click on configure your own pc) This allows you to choose a pick and mix pc giving you the price as you add more parts only allowing you to choose parts that are compatable with each other:). They build the system for you too which takes some of the fun away but if your not confident building it yourself then is obviously an advantage. The prices are very good too.


hawklord your a gem....i dont have any probs in building a pc myself....its all a question of picking the right components...budget im looking at is around £800 not including monitor or keyboard...1080i is the main point of upgrading...and a good video card for future projector is a main point....thanks again


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www.overclockers.com have there own forums where you can post questions regarding best products and compatability issues much like here. If you've any questions that need answering there's usually someone helpfull along quite quickly to give pointers/advice. I've built a few machines myself but I'm hardly a pc guru and rely a lot on the experiance and advice I've been given there:)
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