More help with sky tv link




I have posted my problem b4!
Thanks to the guys that helped but im still having problems

I will explain what my problem is......

I have my sky digibox hidden inside my tv unit.
I have connected a TV LINK into the RF2 at the rear so i can control it without opening my unit door.
I have the RF2 connected via the tv link up to my loft distribution amp which has an IR bypass built in.
I am unable to control sky from other rooms unless i remove the tv link from the back of my digibox!!
The tv links fitted to the other rooms appear to be receiving 9volts DC as the LED's are working!!
I am told that the tv link has a built in DC blocking Capacitor that prevents the 9volt feed from reaching anything else!!!
Could this be my problem even though the tv links in the other rooms do have their LED's lit?????
I have found some useful information from this site ----

''If you have fitted the TV Link behind your Digibox in order to control it inside a cupboard or out of sight then this DC blocking capacitor will STOP the 9 volt feed from reaching anything else (eg. a loft amplifier and/or another TV Link). In this case you must solder a tiny wire directly across it. A single strand of thin wire will do. Make sure it can't touch anything else. Solder it extremely quickly with a needle-tip soldering iron''.

I have done this but still no joy!!!

Am i doing something wrong???

Is there an easier way to achieve what i am trying to do???



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I have a problem with a TV Link where the light is on but the unit does not work - yet it works in a different location. I don't have the answer yet but I have bought a better quality splitter that will hopefully cure it.

You could try checking that you have 9 volts at the TV Links - you may have reduced output.

The other thing to try is run your RF2 cable directly to the amp, then run a cable back to the main room - a pita i know but a suggestion.


Thanks dickst3 for that idea but i thought of that myself and its just not practical now i have redecorated my lounge.
Guess its gonna be a trade off between controlling sky in other rooms or leaving my unit door open to control downstairs!!

One idea i have had is to fit a global ir bypass around the tv link in the lounge looking towards the RF2 output!!
This should then allow signals from tv links in other rooms to bypass the tv link plugged in behind the digibox..

Would this work?????

Or does anyone have any other ideas????


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yes this is your best option , get a 2way ir compatable amp(line fed from your box) global sell these, and feed your rf2 into it ,then feed your eye in the lounge ,then allso the feed to the loft, this should be ok ,as long as you dont have a really strong signal as you risk overloading your amp in the loft.
cheers hog

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