More Fallow Deer in Richmond Park


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I managed to spend lunchtime in Richmond Park today along with my Sigma 120-300 and a 1.4 TC so I tried to get some nice portrait shots. I used ISO400 and a range of aperture settings from f4 to 6.3 for most of the shots. I tried as much as possible to keep out of the direct sunlight.

Click on a picture for a larger version.

All comments welcome, thanks.

1) You looking at me?








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First pic is great except for the ugly white van. I would have either cloned that out or ditched it. Just my opinion though. Love the deer at richmond park!
I do agree about the van, I need to get a more adept in the use of PSE 6 ;)


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Nice exposure overall, a bit underexposed in some. Again though it's the composition that is off. Watch the backgrounds.
#1 - the van; #2 - like a jigsaw of deer, you could cut and paste the legs above the deer onto it.

If I could make my ideal shot from these I'd like the deer from #1 shot with the aperture value and focal distance of #7 shot against the background in #6.


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Thanks Dave - useful comments there.

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