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I know us newbies always ask the same questions, so forgive me one more time please. Am looking for advice as to the best way to connect my kit to the Samsung PS-42P2SBX - The one with tuner box.

The tuner box has 3 scart sockets (2 RGB enabled ?), Component input, and DVI and VGA PC inputs.

The Current kit I am connecting is -
A Sky Digibox,
A Sony Davs300 (All-in-One jobbie) which has two composite video inputs, two stereo audio inputs, two composite video outputs, stereo audio outputs, S-video output, subwoofer line out, speaker outputs.

Naturally I wish to use the sound of the Sony 'Amp' for the Sky and VCR.



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Hi Mark

You forgot the all important audio out on the tuner box. Heres the best setup you can achive for your current kit

Sky to samsung AV1 with scart. RGB enabled on the digibox (use quality lead)
Video to Samsung AV2 with scart
Sony to samsung using S-Video
Tuner box to sony aux in using quality phono lead

Use samsung for all video switching and audio for external units. Sony set to aux in for SKY and video and DVD for DVD

In truth video will not look great but DVD will be good and SKY should be fine on channels with a high bandwidth.

Hope this helps :)


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