More a half a house construction than just AV!


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Ok, so I have talked about my planned build in a few threads, but I am finally there and work started Monday just gone.

It's a big build so will take a fair few months.

I want to take daily photo's but this will not always be possible and at present the family are living in rented accommodation with no internet access so it may be a while between posts (other than what I can get away with at work ;))

I have a lot of stuff to choose for wiring, decorating, finishing etc and this will be a long old slog, but hopefully it will turn out right :lease:

But here are some floor plans for starters.



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Aye we talked with a lot of people about designs, layout etc plus had some restrictions by the council and design adjustments due to party wall difficulties.

What we ended up with works for us which is the main thing.


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Yes it is. 3 bedrooms upstairs for our 2 kids and us so the playroom can be used as a guest bedroom.

Downstairs shower also useful when gardening and getting dirty as we have a large garden!


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will enjoy watching this. I've been slowly renovating our house over the last 6 years and thanks to a long garden built a studio/cinema at the bottom of the garden.

Good luck with the build and will look forward to seeing it progress!


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I hate not having decent internet access. Another 1.5 weeks until that is sorted at the flat so apologies for the delayed update.

Anyhow, Week 1 is over and was mainly taking down ceilings/floors, tracing and removing electrics and of course the start of demolition.

Dining room without ceiling

CIMG4552 by jenam93, on Flickr

Stairs are gone too

CIMG4550 by jenam93, on Flickr

The kitchen is no more

CIMG4549 by jenam93, on Flickr

No really, the kitchen is no more

CIMG4553 by jenam93, on Flickr

We're going for the latest style of outdoor bathrooms!

CIMG4586 by jenam93, on Flickr

I'm glad we're not living here still!

CIMG4585 by jenam93, on Flickr


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Ok, so week 2 and the demolition continues.

The supporting acro's are bolted to the floor and the roof.

More Demolition by jenam93, on Flickr

What no walls by jenam93, on Flickr

Foundations started out having to be 1000mm.

Nice shallow trench by jenam93, on Flickr

But we were told we had to get down to ballast. This was almost 2000mm in some places :eek:

Getting Deeper by jenam93, on Flickr

Fortunately there was space down the garden to get rid of the earth

Bottom of Garden - Start of the mud by jenam93, on Flickr

There's a lot of earth though!

Bottom of Garden - Getting Level by jenam93, on Flickr

The things you could get away with in your own home! (Not my decor I hasten to add, it has been hidden behind a radiator for decades)

Classy Old School Decor by jenam93, on Flickr


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Can't wait to see how this comes along. Subscribed.

Good luck :smashin:


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Most of last week was preparing the ground ready for the concrete slab.

Lots of hardcore, sand, damp proof membrane, mesh and concrete. Photo's all look alike really so just a couple.

DPM and mesh in place by jenam93, on Flickr

Concrete slab done by jenam93, on Flickr

Almost a disaster by jenam93, on Flickr

The little square of bricks you see at the bottom of the image almost caused a disaster.

After my working day I always go to the house to see what's been going on. Something did not seem right about the placement of this little brick square, which is the base of the engineering brick pier to hold the steels.

It also helps define the size of both the kitchen and stairs areas but it seemed to me I would have really generous stairs and a poky kitchen, which would not be good!

I queried with the builder on the phone and he was sure he had measured everything out right according to the plans, but it still didn't seem right to me.

We met onsite early the next morning and worked out what had happened.

Turns out the builder had measured everything out properly, marked out with lines so all good, then one of his lads had built on the wrong side of the line. :facepalm:

Fortunately it was noticed early and did not take much time to rectify. Phew!

Lots of rain today so not expecting much in the way of progress as it is the internal skin of blockwork that needs erecting :mad:


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As expected due to the weather, little achieved so far this week, but today it has been dry so far and I know a couple of extra labourers were on site this morning to help catch things up a little.

Hopefully have some worthwhile pictures in the next day or few.

Please keep dry! :lease:


Mate was looking at the pic, playhouse window, did the bricky use the same lad and his wonkey level for the support of the steels ? Lol, its looking good so far :) (and i see the play house window is now level) :)


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Threadus neglectus.....apologies.

Heading to Grand Designs Live tomorrow but hope to get some updated photo's up soon.

As a teaser, ground floor block and brick work is done, steels are in place and joists/noggins across most of ground floor are done too.


Threadus neglectus.....apologies.

Heading to Grand Designs Live tomorrow but hope to get some updated photo's up soon.

As a teaser, ground floor block and brick work is done, steels are in place and joists/noggins across most of ground floor are done too.
Have a good one fella ,and let me know what to see and what to avoid please :)


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Ok, apologies for the lack of updates. Been struggling trying to decide on, well everything that has to go in the house really.

Each time we think we have it sussed, there's a doubt in the mind or something crops up to change it.

Anyhow, latest pics for the playroom/utility area progression.

Playroom blockwork by jenam93, on Flickr

More playroom blockwork by jenam93, on Flickr

Joists going in the playroom by jenam93, on Flickr

Joists, noggins and insulation in place by jenam93, on Flickr

From the end of the playroom looking back by jenam93, on Flickr

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