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More 3 for £20

Discussion in 'Shopping, Deals, Discounts & Bargains' started by Lionheart, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Lionheart


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    Went town bargin hunting today and 3 main retailers were doing some good offers....Woolies with 3 for £20, WH Smith 3 for £18 and Virgin 3 for £20 or 5 for £30....I went for Wollies cos they had what I wanted.... Shindler's List 2 disc set (last one left..whew), Platoon SE and Deep Impact SE......and in an indoor market I grabbed a 2nd hand copy of (sorry all i know this isnt much use to anyone here lol) Pearl Harbor ultimate 3 disc editon for a tenner....never seen that one for sale in high street shops though for some reason..anyway all the above shops had good selections

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