Mordaunt Short Speakers info needed please


I'm thinking of buying some mordaunt short speakers.Tried some today and they were very good.Was wondering what people here thought of them or if anyone has them?
I was going to buy the mission fs1 system but after hearing these mordaunt-short speakers after hearing the mission ones they seemed alot better.And i got the feel they are better quailty sound and build.For the same price aswell.
After speaking to the guy that sold me the speakers i own now(solid solutions small speakers )He said to drop to the mission ones i'd be dropping down form what i own.So he told mm about the mordaunt short ones.And after hearing them they sounded alot better.
Any opions guys????

Looking at the :-
302 Satellite
304 Centre
308 Subwoofer

Thanks for any info i get.


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Look at for some user reviews.

Go and demo them and make sure your happy with them, I find the tweeters a bit harsh/bright with certain music though.

I have the 900 series btw.
Theyre very good with music in 2 channel too.


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I'd recommend the Premiere system (302s, 304, 308) without hesitation as long as your amp is up to it - 70watts min.
They're brilliant little speakers that also do justice to stereo music.
Also, get a decent phono cable to run from sub pre out of amp to the line in on the sub. Something like the Black Rhodium sub 5m cable for £25 from where you can also find the MS package for £478
I've listened to it many a time so any more queries, feel free to pm me.


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yes they will be fine on the back of a Sony 930. As a side note, I'd personally turn off all EQ on Sony amps as they tend to have a rather crude effect, I find. Also remember to set the size of all the speakers to 'small' and turn the high freq adjust on the back of the sub to the middle.


I went to richer sounds to demo the denon 3802 with wharfedale diamond speakers, but firstly they already had the mordaunt short ms902's set up in stereo with the denon. The sound from the MS902 were amazing, the bass was like woaah! it went through you as well as around. The mid to higher was superb also, although my wife found them a bit too detailed and bright.
When the wharfedales were put on i was very dissappointed, too much detail was lost and they sounded a bit confused. I heard the Marantz 5200 with the mordaunt short 908 floors, 902 rears, 905c center. The sound with the marantz was not as detailed as with the denon but was still impressed with the mordaunts. The 908's have woofer built in, but for the same money you can get 906's and msw20 woofer together, this is the option i'm going for. It's always best to get a demo if you can.


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IMO you won't find a better package than this for the money anywhere. Make sure you hear them first as their not for everybody.

I preferred them to the KEF Eggs and the Monitor Audio Baby, and Mission FS set-ups. Very detailed sound that picks up on every little subtlety in a films soundtrack, films scores sound breath taking. They can be a little harsh until their run in but after that it's smiles all the way. Your just surrounded by sound the speakers disapear into the room.

The sub can be a bit tricky to integrate and place properly but once it's done it can really shock you just how good it can be and with what it can do. It's not in the same league as a quality REL or Velodyne sub but it's good at what it does.

Build quality is excellent, for such a small speaker they are very heavy and extremely well put together. They have the same tweeters and crossovers as the more expensive models the drivers are custom made for the cabinets but still use the same materials.


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I know what you mean re: Wharfedale Diamonds but the Diamond 8.2s are a lot more impressive than the 8.1s, which have a very lumpy bass. Don't go for the 902s as rears, go for the 903s bipole surrounds. I got some 903s(£170) and never looked back! Also, I'd hold back on the 906s till you hear the 914s for £250. They only have 1 bass driver, but its a larger 6 1/2 inch instead of a 5 inch. They'll be out soon, and then you could afford a better sub. No offence, but the Mordaunt Short active subs IMO aren't built very well whatsoever. just put your ear to the cabinet, and hear it resonate when you next hear a demo. Try and save for a MJ ACoustics one at £300. A rubbish sub can ruin bass quality tremendously. the MJA is the cheapest decent one around.
The 905c centre is very good- I'm considering one myself against a 504 THX one.

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