Mordaunt Short speaker + sub setup - please help with frequencies ? - onkyo 605


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Hi Guys, recently setup my Onkyo 605 and so far i have to say AMAZING i love it !!!

I am however worried that i am not getting the most out of the system.

I have dug and dug and i really cant get my head around the frequencies for my speakers and my subwoofer.

I am using the following.

front: MS Avant 914i - speak config : FULLBAND
centre: MS Avant 905i - speaker config: FULLBAND
Surround: MS Avant 903i - Speaker config: 100hz
Surr back: MS Avant 902i - Speaker config:120hz

Sub: MS Avant 309i - Speak config: LPF of LFE 100hz - double base ON

As you have noticed i am using a 7.1 setup.

On my sub i have the frequency set to approx 120Hz (its a dial) and the volume is half way.

Can anyone see anything wrong ? what settings do i need to have on my sub ? do they have to match the amp ?

So sorry for all the questions but i think i am a little out of my depth here i just so confused.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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if it sounds good to you mate why bother changing it?

but if you insist...
quite a lot of people on here have their settings on 80hz for the surrounds and then something like 100-120 hz for the sub.

and is there any option of turning the switch on the back of the sub "off" so that the amp is doing all of the cross over work? e.g. on my monolith it goes to a certian distance around and then stops, however if you push it a bit harder it kind of clicks and then it will just accept and attempt to play all frequencies from the amp, therefore you have disabled the crossover on the sub and let the amp deal with it all :)


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Again, as has already been said, if you like what you hear, then everything is fine.

Typically, most will start with all the speakers set to Small, or to 'limited' range. Then set all the crossovers to 80hz. 80hz is a standard set by THX certified systems.

This give you a starting point. You are free to tweak from there.

Limiting your fronts and centers to 'Small' or to 80hz in my example above, usually helps clear up the midrange, and since you have a sub, it doesn't really compromise the bass response at all. In short, setting the front and center to Small takes some of the strain off of them without compromising bass (assuming a person has a sub).

So, this is a good place to start. From there, you can tweak and modify to your hearts content, and if you get frustrated, you can always come back to the 80hz/Small setting and start again.

Just a thought.


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