Mordaunt Short MS30's & other stuff


Mike Swannick

I've just waded through 7 pages of hits after searching the forums for Mordaunt Short, MS30, MS30's & other combinations to find no mention.

I've just had 4 of these babies given to me and would like to know a little more about them if anyone can help please....

The other stuff...........

Reading through a huge variety of topics threw up the following points;

1. Richer Sounds
2. Paradigm

The not so good comments about RS outweighed the good ones many fold and reminded me about my last visit the a South London branch close to a train station. A friend was in the market for a budget sub/sat setup for his old man as a birthday gift and requested some info about a set of Yamahas.

Friend: " Do you have any on display?"
RS salesprson: "No sorry, but we do have some boxed downstairs, I'll go and check"
-- 10 minute wait --
RS salesperson:" There you go" (plonks big cardboard box on counter)
Friend: "Oh good, can I have a look at them please?"
RS: "No, sorry"
Friend: "Why not?"
RS: "Because that would mean that I would have to open the box, and they wouldn't be boxed as new then"
Friend:"So you haven't got any on display, and you won't show me any, but you want me to give you £150.00 for a sealed cardboard box that you won't open, correct?"
RS: "Yes" (straight faced)

Interaction discontinued at this point. As we left the small but record breakingly busy shop premises, I noticed that there were a series of about 5 or 6 rolls of stickers on the counter, customer side, in lurid flourescent colours, each one bearing a smug announcement like "I've just made a saving at Richer Sounds" and the like. There were copious amounts of said smug stickers available for all and sundry to sticky up there t-shirts but there was one roll which had been supremely popular amongst its peer group with just it's cardboard inner left on the rack. I suspect that was the sticker that read "I've just been treated like a **** at Richer Sounds".

And now Paradigm.

Is it pronounced;

1. Parad-igum
2. Para-dijum
3. Para-dime?

Jason S

Don't know about the MS30's but I've just installed a set of 900 series (902 & 905C) and pretty impressed so far although just breaking in (Wife insists they were smaller in the shop!!)

http:\\ has manuals etc.

I've always found RS to be a useful tool, but you need to know what you want first. I got 33% off my current reciever (Yam RVX 630) and they're usually OK if you avoid the weekends. This is Southampton branch though, not used any others. Although if I can get a better deal from a "proper" dealer then I'll go there but soemthings (£160 off) can't be refused!!

Para - dime



to my recollection, the ms30's are quite big??? if im thinking of the right ones, they were really quite good, but took some driving.


Mike Swannick

My MS30's are about 18" tall, 12" wide & 12" deep.

I will edit this post later when i've measured them.


Active Member
Don't know about teh standard MS30s, but I have the Classic versions which sound pretty good but midrange is notable by its absence...
Sound very good with Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cable and Arcam amplification

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