Mordaunt Short Avant Range?


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I have the 905 centre speaker. Dialogue is clear as a bell. Don't know what else you need to know.

If you do a search for the member Belgrade, you'll find that he has just bought the 904's and a 905. Looks like he'll be posting his findings soon.


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I have the declaration 900 series, and they sound fantastic, the Avants are supposed to be an improvement, so I'm assuming they will sound just as good if not better :)


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yeh great speakers. slighlty better imaging than the old Declaration range. Strongest value for money speakers are the 902 and 906 in my opinion.


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I'll be setting these up sometime this week. I have bought the 904 and 905 avants for the front soundstage, but RS didnt have any 905 avants in stock, so they have given me a declaration centre model, until the stock comes in.

I've also got the 903 declerations for the rears, but i dont think there will be much difference between the avant/declaration for rear duties.

Will let you know how I get on.

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