Mordaunt Short 309i setup issues


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I just bought a second hand MS 309i subwoofer on eBay which supposedly works fine. Tried to set it up today and I'm not getting any sound out of it. My amp shows that there is a subwoofer there on the front display and I've tried the manual setup, but still no sound. I've tried the test tone and no sound. I've followed all the instructions I can find online for it and still no joy. It powers up OK. There is a red light at the back which goes green when I turn the power on, and a blue light at the front. I'm wondering if there is something I'm not doing. I had 5 surround speakers running off the amp beforehand but just wanted to add a sub. Can anyone help, I'm at my wit's end.




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Hi, I have an MS309 and there is a common problem with them, that with the power light on green there is still no sound out of the Sub, also when I left mine for any length of time, ( like decorating the room ) the Sub was very reluctant to come back online, even though the lights showed there was a signal.
Mine is getting worse on this problem, so i've ordered a Bk xxls400, its gets very annoying after a while.
Try powering down the Sub a few times, sometimes worked for me, but it does sound faulty ?

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