Mordaunt Short 302's or 902's?


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Nov 12, 2002
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Preston, UK
I was looking on eBay over the weekend and found a pair of new MS302's. They were at £33 with 4 hours left, and finished at £72. I've been looking on this forum and found many good posts about the 302's, so I'm quite interested in them (like the look aswell).

From what I understand, the 902's are THX-spec'd :confused: Is that the only difference between the two models, or will the 902's sound a lot better than the 302's? Can anyone tell me if the 302's are worth £70 (£100 from RS) or should I wait a bit longer and save up for the 902's?

They will be used as fronts for a while, until I can afford some new fronts (probably MS904's). This will be my first step in upgrading my whole system, so I want to make the right choice.

Thanks for any help.
I have a pair of 302's as my rears and 902's for my fronts. The 902's do sound better as they they are larger, handle bass better and have a power rating of 100 watts as opposed to 80 watts for the 302's. I would say it's worth saving a little extra and get the 902's when you can afford them. FYI, only the 500 series are THX certified.

There's a comparison for the 302 and 902 here
some 902s left, at £69.84 at

a clearance price as they're replaced by the Avant 902s (sonically only slightly different)

i'm not personally enamoured by the 302s- they're tricky to drive, not that small and the wall brackets are £10 each. the 902s however, are excellent and as i said, at £69.84 a pair, an utter bargain. should see off your 702es very easily :)
Thanks a lot for the replies, I appreciate the feedback :)

Thanks for the link Malabbey. I had no idea that there was such a significant difference between the two models. I didn't know that the 902's were that much bigger than the 302's so I think it would be best if I did wait a little longer and got the 902's.

rozzar, thanks for the heads up. I will definately check those out. I no longer have the 702e's. They were damaged by Mission (b*stards) when I sent them back for repairs, so RS gave me some Eltax Silverstone replacements. The Eltax's aren't bad at all, but they don't impress me as much as the Mission 700's I have. I was trying to sell the Silverstone's, but it seems no-one wants them, lol :rolleyes:

Once again, thanks for the replies.

It's off to check the bank balance for me... :hiya:
if the mission 700s impress you, the ms902s will absolutely blow you away. they do a cracking centre speaker for £110 and excellent bipole rears too.

imo the 7xx Missions were their worst sounding range ever and as a retailer, we got a lot of faulty ones back- the bass driver kept blowing and the front baffle rattled way too much

yeh check those 902s out for £69- if they're not on the website just give them a call.

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