Mordaunt Short 302 v Wharfedale Diamond 8.2s

Ed Selley

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As a stereo pair or surrounds?
The 302's are sold as stereo pairs really with an eye to being used as surrounds or as additions to an existing Premiere system- inasmuch as they are really designed to work with a sub. On their own, they'll be detailed and behave like most MS speakers until about 100hz where they obviously tail off a bit. From an MS perspective, the MS902 is a more natural competitor to the Wharfedale.


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As TOF said. The 902's are great speakers.
The 302's are just not up to stereo work.
If the 902's are to much ££sh Have a look at mission or even eltax speakers.
For your price range Richer Sounds should have enough for you to look at.

stay well clear of the wharfedale's!..


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i personally rate the Diamond 8.2s...a lovely natural sounding midrange whereas the Mordaunt Short 902s are more forward sounding, and give a metallic, brightish edge to vocals. The MS's are more detailed and enjoyable but the Wharfedales are more natural.

Up to you...ah don't forget the Diamonds can be sited right by a wall as they are front ported, whereas the 902s should be at least a foot away


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If you can listen to the Diamond 8.1s alondside the 8.2s. I rate them much better. The 8.2s are the same design with a bigger driver which I think could do with a better built cabinet to control it. In a bigger room though the 8.1s may struggle to play loud enough for you. Whichever you choose they'll need good stands to get the best out of them.


Have you considered the Wharfedale 8.3's? They'll save you the cost of stands. I've had mine for nearly two years and IMO their great.


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What about Mission M71i's from RS? An absolute bargain for the £60 they are asking. A great little speaker imo which will give the MS and Whafedale's a run for their money:)

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