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Mordant-short prem plus,Canton cd1 or kef eggs?


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I,ve gone bleary eyed looking through the threads on these today but am still at a loss as to which to get.
I have blown my Royd Minstrel stereo speakers and feel now is the time to upgrade to Home Cinema.But there are so many choices.I have a budget of £500.I have narrowed the choice to these 3 though may also consider the new warfdales.
I cant believe the aluminium Canton,s will sound as warm or rich as the Mordant-short premiere plus.Most buyers seem to be either upgrading from one box sytems or buying speakers for the first time so,regardless of the cheap prices from Germany there seems to be little comparitive experience of the Cantons compared to other speakers.Particuarly with wooden enclosures.
I am also concerned about using the cantons for music,both stereo and multichannel.Reviews suggrest the sub is slower than the satellites and so out of synch.
Then theres the keffs.I can get the mark 1 Eggs for £300-cheaper than the M-S
and similar to the price of the imported Cantons.
So,what do i do?
My room is 12 by 12 and i will be sitting 7 feet from the front speakers.I will be looking for a musical amp,probably a Yamaha.
Advice and assistance would be much appreciated.
Many thanks


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I know you are hoping for a reply which will help you narrow down your choices to one.

However, my reply is going to be the opposite as I am going to throw in another sub/sat speaker set in the same price-range and has had good reports in these forums...

The Mission Cinema M30's



Standard Member
Would also agree.
I have the mission m30 and find it fantastic value for money - though you have to pair it carefully.

What I found with a lot of the more wallet friendly sat - sub packages was that the centre was lacking.

I listen to both music and films and for sheer pound for pound value there hard to beat.

Believe me I tested enough.



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You buggers :)
Then theres the Warfdale 901,s :rolleyes:
I am more interested in the speakers ability with music than film if that helps.


If you're struggling for space, the MS Prem Plus is an excellent speaker package.


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hornydragon said:
for small sats Canton CD1 with an extra CD50 for centre is my pick.........
What about with music though?
User reviews suggest they are great with movies but I havent seen positive reviews of there musical capabilities.These would also be replacing my blown stereo Royd Minstrels.


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well not bad but no SUB sat system is going to be good for music if you went canton CD2.22 then you would have a musical system SUB integrates incredibly well with the CD100 fronts but the CD10 are incredible!


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hornydragon said:
well not bad but no SUB sat system is going to be good for music if you went canton CD2.22 then you would have a musical system SUB integrates incredibly well with the CD100 fronts but the CD10 are incredible!
Thanks for the quick reply.
I am sure you are right but its going to be about making compromises this time around and perhaps moving to a full sise setup in a few years.


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hornydragon said:
thats where CD1 are great as you can just add the CD100 or even the monster CD300s later on for improved stereo performance and use the spare CD10s for 6.1/7.1 but buying a CD50 for centre is a good idea now......or get 3 x CD50 for front 3 and a pair of Cd10 for rears with a SUB AS 22 SC ;) see here for more info on the range

I know.I have looked and at German shop prices I could start the investment now but i really would like to see some authorititive reviews.
I,ll try Google.


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Will two cd 50s as left and right give good music performance? Or Do one need the two CD 100s.
I have set up my Canton CD 1 with Panasonic SA-XR70, but I am unhappy with music, which is my main use for the system, please advice me too further

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