Moon Knight (Disney+) Season 1 Premiere TV Show Review & Comments


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Last episode - not sure about it, really.

Enjoyed it but not massively so. Some bits were terrific, others less so. OI was fantastic and the scenes with Marc and Stephen were excellent. The main plot was ok, I guess. I don’t feel it delivered on the initial episode’s promise.

Overall, I’d say I enjoyed it. Definitely not a must-see but I’ll watch another series.

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Got to the end of episode 3 and I'm struggling. It's a bit of a chore to watch. I struggled with Falcon and the Winter Soldier but this is just awful. Roll my eyes every time he gets surrounded by guys, throws a flaky then it cuts to all the guys down and him just standing there looking gormless. Not the worst MCU property (Eternals ahem) but nah not for me.


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Shows how subjective these shows are but I loved Hawkeye :)

Just finished this and it's all a bit ... "meh". I don't really see the point of any of it. Kudos for Marvel for doing something different and I did enjoy Layla in the finale, but it didn't really land for me.

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I thought the start of the series was good and liked the premise but I was disappointed with the rest of it and can't believe that was the finale. I came on here to see what people were thinking assuming it was building up to something and was surprised to find that was the finish.


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Moon Knight is top tier Marvel for me and like Disney had asked Neil Gaiman to write a series. Plus Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke were both excellent. Up there with Loki.


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I posted my thoughts in the main thread, but wasn't very impressed by this. It's all hit a bit of a buffer at the moment I think the Marvel stuff.

Hopefully Love and Thunder picks up the baton again.

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