Moobox Wire-Free HD Camera Review & Comments


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I have to say I am wary of these things because too often little attention is paid to security.
There was the smart kettle that accidentally allowed people to see your WiFi network password for example.

Chris Muriel

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I wonder if it's Echo Show (or Echo Spot) compatible - does camera view show up on Show screen when requested ?


How can build quality be an 8 when the mount cannot even support the weight of the camera? Surely not being able to point the camera where you need it to look is a zero. 6 out of 10 overall is also optimistic based on the the other issues.


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I like my Arlo system, it’s more expensive but I’ve had nearly no issues with it at all, the app is easy to use and reliable, and unless you’ve got loads of cameras the cloud recording is free.

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