Monsters Inc R1 and R2 comparison


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This isn't a thread with a problem, so i don't think i should post it under the "sticky" MI problem message, however if the mods here decide to, you could merge this message with that one.

Anyway, after watching both R1 and R2 versions of monsters inc i have noticed several differences... here are some screen captures encase any else apart from me is interested.


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Is the R1 version the Canadian or US?

What happened to the aspec ratio on the R1 captures?



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The captures are from a US R1, and the aspect ratio should be the same, but when I resized the images in photoshop I think I must have rescaled the image as well as re-sizing it somehow.

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There was a thread about this a few weeks ago.

It is common for Pixar to only have text in the R1 version (US and Canadian) and remove it for Europe so that they don't have problems with translations to other languages :rolleyes: Bit silly really when you consider that the R1 Canadian has the French soundtrack, yet they left the text in.... :rolleyes:

Glad I bought the R1...... ;)

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The R1 transfer is immaculate - true reference quality. The R2 is the same. The only differences quality-wise will be due to PAL vs NTSC.

Looks like the "bluriness" on the R1 screenshots above are due to the file compression, image reduction, and slight horizontal stretching.


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Good spot Nick 23!
Can anyone actually read what the joke of the day is?
Also is the Harry Potter trailer anywhere on the disc?
It's better in my opinion than the Japanese commercials.

Cheers, Paul

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