Monsters inc on new Sharp Plasma - Wow!


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Apr 22, 2002
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Well, had the Sharp plasma for a couple of weeks now (Empire Direct deal) and have been overwhelmed by DVD quality (component input) on the beauty.

Put Monsters inc on the other day and had to pick my neighbours jaws off the floor. The comments they gave were

"It's like watching a moving photograph"

"The fur on those monsters is just so real you could reach out and touch it"

I have to say having had an NEC MP2 and being rather disappointed with it this new one is just gobsmackingly amazing. I understand it is a clone of the Pioneer 503HDE so if anyone is looking for a 50" plasma I do not think yoou would be disappointed with this Sharp or Pioneer model. The new aerial has also improved standard TV no end and Sky Digital ain't bad either (though no comparison to DVDs)

Hi Messiah

As far as "ordinary" TV goes, I am of the opinion that DTT should be the method of choice for us plasma owners.

Sky digital does have the bandwidth, but it simply has too many channels squeezed in to provide a decent picture. At the moment, the DTT service operates out of only two of the six available muxes, meaning again that the channels are tightly compressed. However, when the BBC's "Freeview" service launches, my information is that the channels on offer will be spread across all the muxes, with less need for such tight compression. Furthermore, the broadcast method is going to change from the current 64QAM to 16QAM, which will allow for four times the current signal power.

As an interesting aside, each mux transmitting on 16QAM provides 18.1 Mbit/sec bandwidth. At the moment, we have six or so channels on each mux and when ITV digital was in its heyday we had twelve on one mux. Those lucky American people watching glorious HDTV have about 19 or 20 Mbit/sec bandwidth for one channel. Here's hoping we'll get it... I don't think so, but its the only TV standard that would look amazing on our plasmas.

Hope this interesting if not useful...

PS. Decided on what to do with your 962 yet?
Hi Andrew

I have decided that rather than make a hasty decision (which is my usual) I am going to wait until I have the new HC room all set up and then try it and see. Unfortunatelt, that is likely to be 6 weeks or so as I have a fair bit of shuffling to do to free up the room (currently an office) and then an AV cupboard to build in the room etc.

Apologies :blush: , but why not just order one from Hivizone? You should have it within a week and then you'll get full warranty etc.

Probably a good idea to keep it until you are certain you don't need it. Hivizone are sold out and no more are expected.

I do have another source up my sleeve though! If that doesn't pan out though, I am still going to be interested in your 962.

Good luck with the plasma

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