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Hi guys,

I've been watching a lot of movies from a laptop connected to the TV via the S/VHS cable. watching movies directly on the laptop screen is brill but you can never get the same quality when playing back onto a large TV.
The movies areb normally MPG or DIVX quality.
Anyway, I've been using a normal S/VHS cable for sometime now and I'm wondering if it worth investing in a MONSTER cable. The type of cable you pick up from COMET/DIXONS etc. This cable is a whopping £40 and I'm wondering if this is worth it. Anyway, what do you guys think of this cable. Do you think that the quality of the movie can be drastically improved if you have the monster cable connected VIA the laptop onto the TV?
I have a lerge 44" sony projector and it's good. Just need to know if the monster cable can really make a differece.

Thanks for the input guys :)


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The Monster s-video cable won't make much difference to the picture.

I own one of these cables, and the picture is indistinguishable from what I see when watching via other (cheaper) s-video cables.

The limitations you are experiencing are due to the signal itself rather than the cable carrying the signal. Sadly, the Sony doesn't have the inputs to allow you to connect your laptop and use it to its' full potential. If your tv had a VGA socket, you could feed it progressive RGB from your laptop and the resulting picture would be stunning. In comparison, interlaced s-video doesn't even come close.


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Thanks for the quick reply :)

I guess i'll hold on to my old one then...

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You don't have to pay £40 for a decent cable, Profigold and Ixos are very good and much cheaper.

DivX movies will tend to look "digital" on a large screen, you will see lots of artefacts and the picture will look blocky. This is due to the amount of compression used rather than the video system you are using.

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