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What the hell is going on? Comet now sell Monster and Loewe.
I bought a Monster Co-axial cable.£40 for 1 metre.The quality seems to be top notch.All the monster gear looks very well put together.


Comet push these cables very hard. So much so, if you look at them for too long the sales guys descend and ask if you need any help.

Then I found out why. I picked out a couple of RF cables I needed for hooking up the TV/VCR and the guy "advising" me (I had already found them) gave me a little slip of paper to give to the cashier.

Turns out this bit of paper has his name and staff number on it. I was told by the cashier that this was so that salesman could get the "commision on the sale".

So I guess the Monster cables have a good mark up on them as the sales guys were circling like sharks as soon as I headed for the cables isle :D

As an aside. The RF cables were very good and have improved the TV reception by quite a bit.




Oddly enough, the salesmen in North American stores use the same tactics selling Monster over there, and have been for years. It puts alot of people off what very well might be decent product. They must have a huge commission on these interconnects.

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