Monster Cables HTS1000 Power Centre - nice product but too fragile


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My third Monster Cables HTS1000 has just failed and yet another warranty claim submitted. They would not reset on the reset button and the power plus protection indicator lights are still lit. I suspect it is something in the low voltage remote switch on circuity that has died. Before they died, they were making a buzzing sound for about a minute. When they died, there was no external event, such as a storm, in progress.

I live in a very lighting prone area of France (house hit twice in the last 5 years, with a big claim on the second occasion), so top class protection required. I have a big anti-lightning strike box in the cellar on the incoming 3 phase supply and also now, lightning diverters on the incoming phone and satellite aerial cable (last strike was on the LNB of the sat dish). The HTS1000 is good at suppressing any mains noise from various motors in the house, of which the three phase pool circulation pump is the worst culprit. It also provides another level of comfort for protection of surges via mains, incoming phone and satellite sources, with a good insurance coverage for any surge damaged equipment. However it is just too fragile. I have to keep a cheaper French power centre on standby for when the HTS1000 fails, as the warranty replacement process takes about 6 weeks. On that basis cannot really recommend this product.


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