Monster cables, a myth?


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Hi everyone,

My first thread here :blush: and I was looking for infos on HDMI monster cables in existing threads, i couldnt find one.
I have 2 question:

1. are Monster cables over hyped?
can you find equivalent in other brands with the same advertised performances?
2. I got a pioneer bluray player and there is an option in set-up where you can choose between high speed HDMI (supporting 48bits deep colour) and standard HDMI, so i was wondering which type of hdmi cable qualifies for high speed hdmi?

Thanks a lot

Joe Fernand

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HDMI Cable assembly manufacturers submit cables for testing at High Speed (tested at 1080p) or Standard Speed (tested at 1080i/720p) - assuming they pass the test the cables can then either be marked High Speed (up to the tested maximum length) or Standard Speed (up to the tested maximum length).

Look for the High Speed logo on any cable you are considering and keep in mind non Amplified High Speed cables currently top out at 8m - look for the small print when resellers have a 12m, 15m or longer HDMI cable advertised with a High Speed logo next to it!!!

In practice on short runs your unlikely to see any difference in signal quality betweebn a High Speed or Standard Speed cable - though the price differential is not that high that it justifies not purchasing a High Speed cable.

On longer runs you are more likely to run into signal problems with a Standard Speed cable if your running 1080p60 and 3D.


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