monster cable to van damme?


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hi all, when i purchased my plasma and dvd i got some monster cables for the setup (ok dont laugh, i did'nt know :rotfl: ).

anyhow, i needed another optical cable, so i got 2 van damme jobbies and did away with the monster cable version, which, coincidently, looked of much lower quality.

so my question is, should i ditch my monster cable component cable in favour of the van damme stuff??

or do i get something else? HDMI is not an option atm, as my plasma does'nt have it.

going to get a better dvd player soon and i would like to get the best out of it tbh :cool:

thanks for any help/advise :thumbsup:


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mark grant makes some great cables. I've not got one of his component ones but if they are as good as his analogue audio/subwoofer ones they'll be brilliant. very cost effective also. have a look in the powerbuys section of this forum
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