Monkey Ball 2 - PAL release date??


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serioiusly give it a chance, me and a mate got stuck on one of the early levels and it was infuriating but when you get passed that it's fun until Advanced 29 (i think) that is an exercise in pure madness!!! It's an amazing multiplayer game tho! Give it another go.


1st one drove me MAD!:mad: watched the mrs play it and then had to take over only to fall out!

Then my brother in law to be came round with his son (whos 9!)and he Pi**ed through about 20 levels it had to go back in its box forever i hope!



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I've heard that SMB2 will be better value in that you get all the games (monkey target, fight, race and the like) to start with and then go on to unlock even more.


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I have the US version of SMB2 and the original party games were indeed already unlocked.

Its only the new party games that have to be unlocked the old fashioned way!


Level 30 on Advanced in SMB1.....
Don't even think of trying to tip-toe over to the gate, all those revolving platforms are just way to difficult......

Steam straight over the platforms when they align, it's the easiest way ;)

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