i listened to some tannoy monitor speakers at my friends house in his home studio, and they sounded excellent. what are the disadvantages of using speakers like this in a home environment?


I've had a few pairs of motitors, in my home studio as well as in stereo pair for Home Cinema setup, and they're doing just great, there are a few things to consider if you are going for all monitor setup:

1. Majority of studio monitor manufactures are making 90% of their monitors as active these days, ie speakers having the amp inside of/as part of the speaker cabinet, thus making it with XLR/TRS/RCA/Line type of input suitable for pre-apm output of your amp, but not for the speaker output of your apm.

2. Active monitors quality is limited to the quality of the amp they have inside, so you're kind of limited to the maker's choice of aplification and the crossover, depending on the make and the model.

3. Active monitors are physically heavier than their passive counterpart of the same series, due to the builtin amp.

4. For active monitors, depending on their brand/architecture there is, in most of the cases, a separate power off/on button on the unit, sometimes right at the back of the speaker, making it a mission to power up the whole lot especially if they are located in all sorts of difficult to reach places all over you living room.

5. If they are active, you would have to get/own a proper AV Receiver/Preamp that is capable of preamp volume control on all channel outputs, which sometimes can be a bit of a rare find.

6. There are a few types of studio monitors: nearfield, midfield, mainfield, depending on the size of your living room/setup it'd be better to go for the proper specified set of the monitors, although i find nearfield monitors working great in my medium size room, most of the active monitors also have some sort of bass/treble control located on their back panel (if they're active, not seen it in passive), allowing you to adjust the frequencies depending on their position against the wall/size of the room.

Having said all that, there are quite a few monitor manufacturers that make absolutely superb studio/monitor speakers, well worth checking out.

If your AV Receiver doesn't have preamp volume control (and if you're planning to use studio monitors for the home cinema setup) it'll be better for you to go for the passive monitor set, and for the better quality i guess, depending on your amp's features


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I am looking to get four Tapco S-5 Active speakers for the kitchen. They have great reviews and are pretty cheap for the really good build quality and sound apparently.

I currently have a BW MT10 and PVS sub 7.1 set up in the living room hooked up to a Denon AVCA1-SE.

I want to set up a Sonos wireless sytem in all the other rooms and an active system using the Tapco speakers may the way to go.

Anyone have any ideas how I can do this and how can I interact my CD along with my amp with the Tapco speakers. Most importantly I am a bit stuck on how I get amp linked via XLR or RCA into the Tapco's.

Any help would be great:clap:


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