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Off the back of working from home under lockdown it's looking more likely that my work will let us either stay home permanently or at least do a lot more splitting of hours between work and home. While under lockdown they've let us take home our IT gear which has been nice but I suspect I will need to return it at some point, and as my partner is going self employed she needs our actual monitors full time. So I've now started looking at setting a second home set up.

Currently we are sporting:

2x22 inch Dell monitors from the office @ 1080p
1x29 inch ultra wide + a 22 inch standard @ 1080p
With both set ups I then have my laptop open too as a third screen for things like music players and instant messaging

We've both tried both set ups and are content, but buying my own set of 22 inch monitors won't be that cheap. We are based in New Zealand and we'd be looking at $200 each minimum. However for that price I could get a budget 43 inch 4K TV that would be almost the same width but double the height.

As we both do office work and I use a lot of GIS software along with massive Excel sheets so the extra real estate could be beneficial, we both love the extra width the ultra wide gives us without bezels. But the other benefits of a half decent monitor don't really need to apply.

I was just wondering on anyone elses input, opinion or experience with similar. I'm worried the size of a TV would be overwhelming on a desk despite width wise being what I'm used to. I'd consider going smaller but struggling to find one with higher than 1080p to actually benefit from the screen size without awful screen dooring.

Going this route may also help as our pc input had 3 outputs and I could just leave it plugged in to all 3 and just play with Windows settings for us to swap desks if we want or need to for any reason.


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The issue I would think is the possible time spent using it and the positioning adjustments monitors often provide which TV's dont. Money is a factor but consider how long this is going to be used and your comfort level/ health using it.

Personally if you want a TV get a TV, if you want to work on your computer get a monitor, If I want to sleep 8 hours a night I buy a bed not a sofa bed. I used a 32" TV for a while and now have a 27" monitor, the difference is night and day.

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