Monitor to replace 24'' iMac


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Im switching back to Windows from mac because I need a powerful computer for all my photoshop work and i cant justify the price of a Mac Pro at the moment.

Im not thrilled about going back to windows but im sure ill live, i think ive sorted most of the components i need to built it but im stuck on the Display, now comping from an amazing IPS display on the imac i cant just go for some cheapo piece of crap, but on the other hand i dont have the budget to go for a Dell Ultrasharp tbh.

So i was looking at this Iiyama ProLite X2377HDS 23 inch LED IPS Monitor - X2377HDS-1 - CCL Computers
But i have no idea if itll be any good. Are there any better options at this sort of price?

I want it mainly for Photoshop, Lightroom and Gaming.

Thanks :)


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Your iMac isn't one of the ones with a DisplayPort input so you can continue using it as a monitor?

The iMac had a comparable screen to something like the £400 Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP at the time and while there are certainly plenty of cheaper options the prices haven't come down that much for generally comparable displays. I don't know how the cheaper options fare as photo editing displays though.

Are you after a glossy screen like your current iMac?

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