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    Heres something I found on my weekly Lockergnome Windows Digest.

    "This program will guide you in setting the parameters, controls,
    and adjustments of your monitor. It will also guide you on how to
    measure picture quality. Use the test pattern to check picture
    size and position, focus, and convergence, and to adjust
    brightness and contrast. For more detailed information, follow the
    instructions for the respective test patterns. If your monitor has
    the capability to store more than one set of adjustments, you
    shall use this program to adjust and store these adjustments for
    all the different resolutions you use. The light output of your
    screen can under certain conditions be affected by the resolution
    you are using. This means that you might have to use different
    settings for the brightness and contrast controls if you use more
    than one resolution. It's better to set the black level a little
    too low, and lose some of darkest gray tones, than too high, and
    lose a black background and a good contrast between black and

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