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Hey all,

I have some decent monitor speakers which I used to use until around 6 months ago I got a new amp (yamaha) and 5.1 speaker package (Tanoy).

I'm looking at new amps, because I miss using my montiors (current amp does not have pre outs for audio).

I'm looking at this amp:

Sony STRDA3500ES Black | AV Receiver With HDMI Interface | Richer Sounds

I noticed it has pre outs for the speakers... so am I right in assuming I can use the monitor speakers correctly with this amp?

I am then thinking of using monitors as Stereo and the exisitng 5.1 Tanoy set up I have could then be used as 7.1 :D

thanks :)


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Hi. Assuming you have active speakers (ie they have built in amplification) or another power amp then you can use the pre out option. Remember to turn any processing off when you want true stereo.

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