Monitor seems to drop signal when switching resolution?


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I'm having a slight problem that seems to occur when I'm playing a game at non-native resolution.

I've currently got my PC hooked up to a 4K monitor over HDMI but I run most games at 1440p. Some, but not all. games will send the monitor into a no input state (like when you pull the aerial out) either on launch or when I close them. Raceroom and Assetto Corsa seem to be the worse culprits.

The game is playing the graphics card hasn't crashed, but I have to change to another input on the monitor then switch back again to see the game. The game will run fine no glitches etc, it just seems to get confused going to and from the Windows 10 desktop.

Has anyone seen this before or got any ideas it's not a major problem it's just annoying.


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