Monitor screen mounted portrait?


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I feel airflow will be more of an enemy than trying to mount the TV sideways (as heat rises meaning the vents are at the top not sides) on one of these style mounts, so before you go ahead expecting it to just work, I'd email to the support team of the TV manufacture you are looking to purchase

As for a mount, CPC offer this as an option 360 Degree Mount

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What are you planning to show and is your monitor designed for Portrait mode?

Conventional TV’s and Monitors have filters for Landscape mode which deliver a very narrow viewing angle when you turn them into a Landscape display.



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To add to the above comments... it will depend which VESA mount your monitor has. If its square (eg 200x200) then you can do this. If its rectangular (eg 300x400) then you cannot because the holes won't align in the other orientation and you'd need a mount intended for being able to rotate.

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