Monitor recommendations for Desktop PC & MacBook Pro


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I'm looking to exchange my current monitor for one that is larger with higher resolution, that also meets the requirements of the devices I plan to use with it. First I've listed below my current setup;

Dell P2419H (24" 1080P Monitor)
Desktop/Gaming PC connected to monitor via DisplayPort
Thunderbolt dock connected to monitor via HDMI

The thunderbolt dock has a USB Webcam connected to it and I switch that between my Dell Latitude (Work) and M1 MacBook Pro.

Ideally I'd like a larger display that I can fit more content onto (I'm not a fan of dual displays) that could also replace my thunderbolt dock which can often be tempramental so the monitor would ideally have the following features;
  • 4K Display
  • USB-C (That also charges laptops)
  • Internal USB Hub for Webcam and Flash Storage
Any recommendations in this area? My use cases are typical desktop work like project planning and cloud system config, photo and video editing then gaming. I'm happy with 1080p60 gaming but feel the higher resolution would be great for using multiple window work for my day job and content creation. This 27" LG is one that caught my eye, wouldn't want to spend much more than this if I'm honest.

Open to suggestions, thanks in advance.


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Another option but not 4K is the 1440p Asus Proart PA278CV, it's a productivity focused display, take a look at review here and here.

The PA278CV model has USB-C charging to 65w and a 4port USB3 hub built in, the QV model does not have features.

It also performs reasonably well at gaming too for a production focused display with good out of the box calibration.


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Similar situation, I went from that Dell to a Dell P2421DC. It’s 1440p, looks lovely with my PC, looks rubbish with my MacBook. It offers no scaling (I.e. looks like….) as you get with the internal screen. What that means it’s essentially stuck at 1440p with no scaling which for me is too small (might be fine for you). With Windows I’m at 125% scaling. USBC is great, and I have my peripherals connected to the monitor as a hub and all works fine. Like you said, I would go 4K.

Ive been looking at the same LG. You really pay for USBC display and charging.

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