Monitor PL300 w/ Denon AVC-A1HDA: biamp worth it?

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The title pretty much says my question. I've never believed that there were any real benefits to biwiring, but I always heard that biamping's worth was dependant on the specific kit: is it worth biamping these together?

As an addendum, anyone care to recommend any decent speaker cable -

QED Genesis Silver Spiral Bi-Wire runs at circa £50/m, and for 2m including 4/4 banana plugs done for me, that would run at £160 odd per cable with diam of 22mm^2, which is a tad steep for my like.

QED Speaker Cables Silver Anniversary-XT Bi-Wire runs at circa £8/m, running to about £40 odd per cable including the 4/4 termination, for 7.5mm^2 diam, which is a bit, for the price of the cable compared to the price of the termination at least, a little uneven.

Anyone recommend something inbetween which won't cost the earth?


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I'll close this one now to avoid other reactions, but consider a couple of points for when you next ask a question.

1. Use the search options; questions very similar to yours have been asked many times before, often several times a day, so don't be surprised if people are a little slow to respond to yet another 'which speaker cable question ...'

2. Consider the time of day; you asked at nearly 9pm last night and then get upset when you don't have a reply by the middle of the following morning. You need to be a bit more patient and at least let a question stand until 24 hours have passed so people who are not up late and work during the day actually get to see the question ...

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