Monitor Ideck for Ipod - £99.99 @ Amazon


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seems like a good price


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Got one of these for Christmas...the sound is fantastic. More than fills my room.
Remote control is a bit flimsy but it does the job......Go get one!!!!


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A quick heads up, it doesn't support Nano's though :(
Phone Monitor Audio, let them know you've purchased an iDeck and if they have a 2nd generation nano adaptor.

They sent me 2nd generation nano bezel free of charge couriered to my house. Very good of them. As standard, the one I recieved supports 1st generation nano, then apple changed design without notifying monitor audio (and other manufacturers) with decent notice.

Check with Monitor Audio free 2nd gen nano bezel is ok before ordering, just in case they've changed policy.



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yeah i bought this back in october - really pleased with it - only annoying thing is if you turn off the power and back on it returns the volume to a loud default. shame also it didn't have a volume control on the main unit like the newer ones.

Otherwise it is fantastic for the price and even better now that it is £80.
I have still seen it in rayleigh hifi for £220. :thumbsup:


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Couldn't resist it for £80, so much for not spending in Jan :eek:


Just what I was looking for! I couldn't resist at £80 either ! :thumbsup:


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I don't see it at that price. Can someone post a link
Price has since gone back up to about £182, but apparently dixons have them for £102.



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Price on Amazon now £84.99, with their usual Free Delivery if you don't mind waiting a couple more days! From my experience of Amazon and free delivery, stuff came within 2-3 days from ordering.

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