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I purchased an MSI Optix G271 about 7 months ago and it started to have an issue after about 3-4 months on 144hz where the bottom 2 inches or so of the screen would turn black and nothing would appear over the top of it rendering it more or less unusable. I then used it on 120hz mode and that slowly but surely began to develop a similar problem whereby the same area of the screen started to just appear as wobbly lines that got more indecipherable over time. The issue with 120hz isn't always there but if I use it on that mode for any longer than 10 minutes or so it will start to get worse and worse. I've tried both display-port cables and HDMI neither of which made any difference. As for the graphics card it's an AMD rx480 8gb. It has a couple of little quirks where I may need to restart my PC very occasionally for it to work properly but it has never caused this kind of issue before.
I did take a screenshot using the Windows 'Snipping Tool' but the saved image didn't show the issue (although the black line was on the screen at the time). I've now taken a photograph to show the issue, which I've attached.

Any advice as to what could be causing this would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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