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Hi guys - I'm about to buy my first Mac Pro and want 2 x 24" monitors to run Lightroom and CS4 on - one screen for the photographs and the other for those apps associated tools and everything else.

I'm currently using a Dell 2407WP on a pc setup and would like something of similar quality.

The essentials for me are

1. Colour accuracy after calibration with my Spyder II
2. 1920 x 1200 screen resolution. Are the monitors at 26" and 27" from Iiyama & Dell up to the job for example?
3. Price - I'd prefer to spend around £250 / monitor but can stretch to £350 / monitor if I can't a good solution at the lower prices.

Any other advice would be very welcome indeed as I have found the choices available bewildering and the reviews inconsistent.

Thanks for any help offered!
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You want performance as good as a £400 monitor for £250? I'm afraid the prices haven't dropped in the last couple of years and while colour accuracy has improved slightly it's only at the standard you're looking for in 24" monitors starting at ~£400.

If you drop down to 1680x1050 you could get what you're looking for, for example the Dell 2209WA. £350 may be just acheivable if you buy in a sale.

The Dell 27" 2709W is an S-PVA panel so that'd do, the iiyama 26" screens are TN though, so unless colours that are different at the top and bottom of the screen and a native 262k colours (16.7 million by dithering) are acceptible I'd stay away.

The standard seems to be NEC's 90 series (LCD2490WUXi/LCD2690WUXi/LCD2690WUXi2) and Eizo's screens (I don't know their range, sorry) but you'd be looking at spending your entire budget on one screen as they're around £700.

Technically you don't have to worry about colour accuracy as all screens these days can be calibrated almost perfectly. The issue with the cheaper TN-type screens is that the viewing angles are so bad that their distortion creeps in even for the small change in angle between the centre and extremity of the screen (and there's the dithering of course, but I don't know how much of an issue that if to photographers).


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Thank you very much!

Following your recommendations I looked around and I do indeed need to raise my budget to meet my needs. Looks like around £400 per monitor now.

Has the HP LP2475W any competition I should consider? Something like the
Dell 2408WFP for example?


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There are a few 24" VA/IPS screens about, Hyundai WD241D-PVA, the Dell 2408WFP and 2709W, NEC's 2470WNX and 24WMGX3, LG do one or two and there's the HP. All of them are worth looking it but I don't know if any particulaly stand out for photography.


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Really the 24" monitor that would be best suited for your work would be the NEC MultiSync LCD2490WUXi however, this monitor has only recently become available in the UK, so is still quite scarce and are still quite expensive at between £600-700, so if you are prepared to wait a while I would think that it will come down to an affordable £400.

I recently sold my Dell 2407WFP (rev A04) and was looking to buy the above monitor, but I was just not prepared to pay that amount, so settled on the HP LP2475w which is a rather nice.

The other monitor worth looking at is the NEC Multisync 24WMGX3 (which I also have) and can also be had for around £400, this not so long ago was up around £700, so it is a rather nice drop in price, which I think the LCD2490WUXi will also do...

Reviews of above monitors can be found Here and Here


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settled on the HP LP2475w which is a rather nice.

Thanks JB - that's it now - I've ordered 2 of the LP2475w from the Mac Warehouse. I've been really happy with the performance of my Dell 2407WP - so if the HP pair are better then I'm sure I'll be delighted.

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