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Jun 1, 2009
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Sorry if this is a bit of repetition but I'm strugglingh to see the exact answer...

I want to get a new monitor for my PC which I also use as a screen for my old (Scart) DVD player. Does anyone know if it is possible to get a monitor (referably with built in speakers) that is not a TV (I don't have a TV and don't weant to have to worry about license evasion) but which does have a scart connection ?

2nd best I guess is if there isone without scart biy which I could use some kind of adapter to connect to the DVD or I could stretch to a different DVD player if it isn't going to cost hundreds if it will give me a more modern connector type ?

Yes I probably could use the laptop (in the lounge) although it would be more hassle really...

Thanks for the link... Why couldn't I find that!?
Thanks for the link... Why couldn't I find that!?

dont worry I made a deal with the Devil - I cannot understand sport of anykind but the internet whispers in my ear all things. I think it was a fair trade.
And now it turns out Maplin were lying, that explains why I couldn't find it on any other sites!

Luckily they said it wasn't due in for 14 days and when I emailed to check it was a real 14 days and not a 'sometime in the future' they admitted they had put the wrong details up and will change it. Lucky they had none in stock or I'd have been most upset!

Have gone with a HDMI/VGA monitor and will upgrade the DVD player one day (or use the laptop as suggested!)



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