Monitor Audio Studio 50



Been offered a pair of Monitor Audio Studio 50, 3 year old speakers for 1450 GBP (although 1300 should be possible).

1. Is the price resonable. If not what is?

2. Are they too much for an Arcam Alpha 10 Amp?

3. How much are/were these speakers when new?

4. Planning to go from stereo to multi-channel. Have a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 7's (not 7i's) would these be mis-matched in an AV set-up (using the Studio 50's as fronts & the MA Silver 7's as rears). Or would the new MA Silver 6's with matching centre speaker be a better balanced system? Anyone know the price of the MA Studio Centre speaker?

Too many questions I know, but if you can answer any it would be appreciated.


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I can only say they are not too much for Alpha 10 since I know a guy who has the same setup and it plays pretty well. Of course there is always better . . .
I can not remember what he payed but certainly not less than here offered.

For the rest you'll have to wait on someone else to answer.
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