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Deciding between two LCR setups. I strictly watch movies so music isn’t a consideration. I have two HSU 15” subs already.

I have the opportunity to buy a Monitor Audio LCR setup second hand that would be MA Silver 300 towers with a Silver C350 center. The total for this is $1750

Or I’m considering going with Arendal but everything would be new. So price for the 1723S Monitors and 1723S center would be $2850.

1. Regardless of cost, which setup would be better for movies?
2. Is that cost difference noticeable enough to be worth the extra cash?

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Currently have a Denon x1700h. What would you recommend I upgrade to if I get the Arendals?
Others will be able to advise as i had marantz av8805 into nord power amps, then a pioneer lx901. I dont think your denon will have the power for the Arendals. It also has no pre outs for additional power amps. So you’d need to factor that in as well. Do you have other speakers apart from the 590? Subs?


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Few options: Denon X3700H / X4700H or Marantz SR6015 / SR7015 would be minium. Yamaha RX-A4A upwards should run Arendal 1723s fine as confirmed in past with older gen models. Onkyo RZ-50 is quite popular in US, cheapest THX - Dirac Live unit if you are in to tweaking. Arcams are not happy with low impedance loads so at least steer away from the cheap AVR-10 model if you plan to use the internal amps. The same goes for Anthem, look from MRX740 upwards. If you are going to be adding power amps (Monoprice/Outlaw Audio etc) then naturally you don´t necessarily need to buy some flagship model if the unit has the features, ch processing etc. you need. Denon has confirmed they are introducing some new models, but when no one knows. I just reached my US source and nope nothing yet.
I moved from MA Silver 200 and C150 to Arendal 1723S, zero regrets, different league. They definitely benefit from plentiful power though. Recently, a friend came round who has a MA Platinum stereo system and he much preferred the sound from my Arendals (with Subs).

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