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Hello everybody!
This is my first post, new in community.
Very soon I am planning to buy 5.1.2 home cinema system. I was listening MA Silver 300 with Denon 4500h and it sounds great. My room is 3,95 meter x 3,90 meter. I really like this speakers but I am in doubt if they are oversized for my room... Plan was to buy also MA Silver Center 150 and FX. If 300's are too big I have to consider Silver 100's, and probably Center C350. What do you think? If Silver 300's are too large for 15.5 square meter room? This room will be only for me, movies 90% plus football games from TV sat. Regarding subwoofer I think about SVS PB 1000, PB 2000 or 2 x SB 2000. I read hundred posts before writing this, do not know what to do. Can you help with this matter?
Regards from Poland!


Providing you can place the speakers away from both the side and rear walls and have at least two metres between them then the answer has to be that they would be fine in your room. The room itself is for all intents and purposes a square one so you may very well need some treatment in there on the wall opposite the speakers. The problem arises in smallish rooms of not being able to place floorstanders with enough room to breath.

They will be easy enough for the 4500 to drive being 90dB sensitivity. If it's at all possible you should try and audition them in your home.


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Thanks for answer. I am moving soon from apartment to house and have at the moment Dali Zensor 7 I will try them out in my room and see how they will act. MA Silver 300's look and sound perfect for me and I really want them but this room size... My other concern is taht I can use only 30-40% of their output in 15 square meters; am I right? Another thing do you recommend C150 or C350? And sub...svs is well known brand, I really like deep bas so thinking abt PB 1000 or dual SB 2000
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