Monitor Audio Silver 5g black oak, is it real wood veneer?


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I know the light oak is real wood veneer but what is the black oak like?

It's difficult to tell from online pictures. I can't find any close up pictures..It looks like fake wood grain vinyl similar to the finish on the bronze 5g. Does it look better than the bronze 5g black oak in the flesh?

Is it varnished? is it textured? Is it even a real wood finish? If so, where does black coloured real oak come from? surely real wood can't be naturally black in colour, so is it a painted/stained finish on real oak?

...but the black oak finish is the same price as the light oak...

Thanks in advance.


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Says on MA's website:

"Available in selected premium quality wood veneers or high gloss finishes."

Taken from the website:


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Thanks. Ideally a side by side comparison taken together with the same daylight would show any difference between the bronze black oak and silver black oak finishes.

If it's real wood veneer where does black coloured real oak come from?

The 'silver' black oak sample looks darker but its not side by side...


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Maybe real black oak does actually exist and the black oak veneer of the MA silver speakers comes from this tree?

Timmy C

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I would be very surprised if it were vinyl wrap. I had the original Silver i series in both black and light oak and they were both real wood veneer.

I suspect both use the same wood and is stained accordingly.

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